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Dear Sunday's Quick Dry Oil

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Perfect for on-the-go, our quick dry oil cuts the typical nail drying time in half. Our formula maintains the shine and natural moisture of your nails, and your gorgeous evening mani will be preserved from denting.

Cuts drying time in half
Hygienic dropper design
Coconut oil protects your skin and improves moisture
Formulated with your well-being in mind, our quick dry oil is the ideal finish to a manicure or pedicure. Bedsheet nails no more, our quick dry oil will keep your polish intact. You’ll be able to do a quick mani before going to bed without worrying that your masterpiece will be ruined by the time that you wake up. One of the main ingredients in our quick dry oil, coconut oil protects your skin while improving its natural moisture.

Our quick dry oil comes with a cap as well as a dropper. We advise using the cap when storing the product, as it closes tightly. The dropper may allow air to enter the bottle and cause the oil to evaporate.

net wt. .34 fl oz | 10 ml

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