1820 Elixir Candle - Spring Sweet
1820 Elixir Candle - Spring Sweet

1820 Elixir Candle

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1820 House candles in aromatherapy form. Pure plant wax infused with botanical ingredients. Hand poured in Ohio.

14 oz, Burns for up to 70 hours, 4"H x 3"W

Palo Santo:  Palo Santo, Warm Amber, Cypress + Cedarwood

Tobac co + Black Honey: Tobac co Leaves, Deep Black Honey, Sandalwood + Ylang Ylang

Teakwood + Coconut:
 Mahogany , Teakwood, Vetiver + Warmed Black Coconut

Cann abis + Black Poppy:
 Green Cann abis, Mandarin, Coriander, Patchouli + Black Poppy

Organic Lavender + Rosemary:
 Woody Lavender Stems, Clary Sage, Lichen + Soft Rosemary

Citrus + Moss:
 Bright Citrus, Fig Leaf, Oak Moss, Vetiver, Burlap Amber + Tree Sap

Santal: Santal, Vetiver, Ember, Iris, Smoke + Cedar Wood

Vetiver + Hinoki: Hinoki Wood, Cypress, Wild Geranium, Vetiver, Patchouli

Palo Santo + Pumpkin: Palo Santo, Warm Amber, Cypress, Cedarwood + Pumpkin

Sandalwood + Cardamom: Cardamom, Mellow Woods, Sandalwood + Green Iris

Borealis :  Juniper, Cedar Resin, Alder, Galbanum, Damp Earth + Inky Night Sky